Tuesday, May 17, 2016



  1. Besan flour/chikpea flour/chenaga pindi-1 cup
  2. Rice flour/biyyapu pindi-1 cup
  3. Pepper powder/miryala podi-1/2 ts
  4. Hing/asafoetida/inguva-1/8th teaspoon
  5. Roasted jeea/veyinchina jilakarra-1 ts
  6. Salt-to taste
  7. Oil-1 ts
  8. Melted butter/venna-1ts
  9. Oil-for deep frying
  • Heat oil in a kadai
  • Now combine all ingredients,add some water and mix like muruku dough
  • Now in a muruku mould use ribbon mold and set it
  • Fill the dough in muruku maker and gently press in hot oil and fry until crisp
  • Store in air tight container to keep them crisp