Saturday, June 5, 2010

ONION UTAPPAM (south indian special)



  1. Dosa batter
  • idli rice-2 cups

  • rice-1 cup

  • uraddal-1 cup
  1. chopped onions-1 cup

  2. grated carrot-3 table spoons

  3. chopped cilantro-3 table spoons

  4. chopped green chilis-1 teaspoon

  5. spice powders of ur choice-3 teaspoons

  6. oil-for making utappam


  1. soak dal and methi seeds separately,and rice separately for 7 hours,then grind and mix together,add salt and ferment it over night

  2. when you see the batter is doubled it is ready to us,.refrigirate it and use when ever u want.

  3. i prefer to use 2 days old batter for making uttapams,because it brings sourness and gives nice flavour

  4. In a bowl mix chopped onion,green chilis,grated carrot and cilantro

  5. now heat tawa and apply oil

  6. pour a ladle ful of dosa batter and spread thickly

  7. now sprinkle onion mixture and puttukadalai powder and some oil

  8. cook on medium flame

  9. flip once done

  10. cook until nice golden crest is formed

  11. servet hot with chutney