Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thank you Sanghi for passing me this precious awards and tags,and thanks for making such good queries

As per the rules I am answering the queries,and would like to replace some queries with my desire answers
  • what is your current obsession?

Listening to music

  • What you do when you are free?

Painting(nature -flowers,and birds)

  • What are you wearing today


  • Whats the last thing you bought?

Ear rings and sets

  • what do you think about the person who tagged you?

Maintain good Friend ship,very friendly and creative blogger

  • Favourite location?

Switzerland and Kerala

  • Favorite time

Enjoying the rain and listening to favorite songs,

  • Which language do you want to learn?


  • With whom you would like to spend most

My Mom and Hubby dear

  • Favourite outfit in the closet?

Red mirror embroidery on black Saree

  • What is your favorite magazine

Maagazines related to Home and interior design ,food and beauty magazines

  • What you did with your first salary

I donated half the salary to shiridi sai baba temple hundi , with the remaing money I purchased Dress to hubby dear,and a Saree to my mother-in-law

  • Give us 3 stylish tips that always work for you?

Hair leave,Mascara and natural color lipstick,long earrings

  • What are your favourite movies?

Narasimha, Magadheera , rajanikanth movies

  • Who inspires you?

Parents and hubby

  • Favourite food?

I go Crazy of eating manchurian and American chopsey

  • My first quote written by me

LIFE-like it For Ever

  • Favourite Sweet?

Any sweet made with paneer that too milder in sweetness

  • List any 5 places you want to visit in your life time?

Switzerland, 6wonders of world(I covered tajmahal), Kerala, Newzeland , Australia, Mount abu

  • What you cook when you have cooking blues(when you feel really lazy to cook something

Lemon rice and burger

  • Who do you love most and why?

First my parents,they gave every thing best in my life,and i am thank full to God for presenting me such a caring hubby

  • What is your favourite color?

Black,blue and coffee color

  • Your most inspiring quote?

I slept and dreamed that Life was beauty,I wake up and thought that life was Duty

  • What kind of accessories will be always with you when you go out?

Hand bag,cell phone,and a small note book with a pen

  • One thing you hate yourself?

Some times i feel lazy

  • MY philosophy of life?



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  2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog
  3. Link the person who has nominated you for this award
  4. Name 7 things about yourself people find interesting
  5. Nominate 7 other creative blogger's(it's tough as all are creative on their own)
  6. Post 7 links the seven blogs you nominate
  7. Leave a comment on which of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated

7 THINGS ABOUT ME*************************

  1. I am so jovial with Friends
  2. Too sensitive for small things.and some times i behave like a child
  3. Like to try new recipes and art works
  4. I learned more things from net ,especially like to read all blog recipes,from every blog I learn new things ,and very happy to get blogger friends
  5. When ever I am moody ,i listen to songs and visit my loving places near by,immediately i will become normal
  6. I got a very good grasping power,so what ever i like i will surely achieve it
  7. I like to spend always with my hubby,he is so jovial and make me laugh