Monday, September 21, 2009


Dusehra is one of the important festival celebrated throughout the India,The main Idol we worship for Dusehra festival is Lorddess "Durga Devi",always their is a story behind a festival,so briefly the story begins.Once upon a time their was a demon king Bandasura.He was as cruel and violent demon king,he did many bad things like destroyiNumbered Listng the yagas,stopped pujas in temples and even torched the sura's(gods),so finally every one prayed Lorddess ?Durga Devi to protect themselves from the demon king,and they sacrificed their life's in the fire.So Durgadevi fought with bandasura for 9 days starting from padyami to navami and killed him on the tenth day ,as she won(vijayam) in the war on the 10th day(dasami) it is called as VIJAYA DASAMI OR DUSEHRA.,.Lord sri Krishna did Devi puja when he was in Dwaraka,and other Gods too performed Devi puja and got their property back.In these nine days daily she was in different avatar and names were








Maha gauri


Shakthi means union of three Goddess Laxmi ,Parvathi and Saraswathi Devi.So in these 9 days Devi will be worshipped in 10 different forms,The First three days they worship Laxmi Devi in 3 forms,second three days Parvathi Devi and The next 3 days Saraswati Devi.Daily make naivedyam and offer for Goddess for the 9 nights.Sundal or Beans prasadam is offered for Goddess.She like Sweets made of Jaggery.

  1. Laxmi Devi
  2. Gayatri devi
  3. Anna purna Devi
  4. Lalitha Devi
  5. Bala tripura sundari Devi
  6. Saraswathi Devi
  7. Rajeshwari
  8. Durga Devi
  9. Mahishasura Mardhini

On the tenth day every one will celebrate Dusehra Festival,do puja to Matha and offer maha naivedyam o Goddess and then offered as prasadam.One more important thing is devotees buy some gold on Dusehra and make puja along with shami leaves(jemmi vruksham leaves).Do Lalitha parayanam and Perform Kunkumarchana to Godess for these 9 days ,Goddess will satisfy and bless all the devotees.I wish you all happy Navarathri and happy Dusehra and may Goddess bless you all.