Friday, May 29, 2009


  1. To remove white layers (pesticide) from black grapes,place them in a dish ,fill the water and sprinkle 2 table spoons of salt.Let it rest for 30 minutes,now wash thoroughly and use.
  2. If you added excess salt to the curries add a big slice of potato and cover the lid.Remove after 20 minutes,potato absorbs the salt and the curry tastes good.
  3. If the food is burnt, immediately transfer it to a fresh container then place a bread slice over the food and remove after 30 minutes.
  4. The quickest way to brown the onions is , while sauteing them sprinkle some salt.
  5. Tip to avoid darkening of ginger garlic paste and green chili paste :add lemon juice and mix well then store in air tight container.
  6. Don't through stock water of boiled potatoes,use it for watering the plants.
  7. Through the outer cover of onions in your rose garden,it gives more flowers.
  8. To make rose plant more flowering through the tea powder left over after straining the tea.
  9. Cornflour mixed with water helps in thickening the gravies.
  10. Pour lemon juice in the ice trays and freeze it,you can utilize when you don't have lemons.
  11. To remove the labels on new utensils,heat the knife and peal it off,if they are steel metal then heat directly so the label sticker comes out very easily.
  12. Don't through the lemon after squeezing the juice ,pressure cook them along with some water.It removes the stains in the cooker.
  13. When you get plenty of methi leaves and mint,wash and dry them completely,you can use when needed.
  14. While boiling eggs add little rice grains and some salt,you can tell your kids that when the rice gets cooked then the eggs get boiled.
  15. During party time rice should look more bright white,for this add lime juice while cooking.
  16. Place some dried mint in the rice bag to avoid the growth of insects and worms.
  17. Always cook the leafy veggies in open lid,it not only enriches the colour and also avoids loss of vitamins.
  18. To puff up puri for more time add little sooji/ravva while making dough.
  19. To get right consistency of dough while making jowari roti is add the bubbling water to the flour and mix well with the spatula,late once it cools you can mix with hands and make rotis.
  20. To avoid chopping time of cilantro you can do this way,take a well bottomed container and fill the water completely.Now chop cilantro or any kind of leafy veggies then place them in that container,and mix lightly,slowly the mud settles at the bottom.
  21. Now place them in holes bowl for some time,then excess water goes out.
  22. When the moisture is gone,just cover them in double news paper.
  23. The leafy veggies remains fresher for long time,and you can use it in your busy time of cooking.
  24. If your kid is not drinking milk try this way.Choose nuts like cashews,pistachios,almonds. say table spoon each type,now grind them coarsely add some cardamom powder and it in the fridge, mix 1/2 teaspoon of this nut powder along with milk.its very healthy and also kids enjoy this.
  25. One more tip is soak almonds in water overnight, remove the skin grind along with sugar and mix with milk,your kid may like this recipe if he is bored for regular milk.
  26. Don't through the fruits like straw berries ,oranges or grapes when you have more,grind them and extract juice then place them in ice trays,you can use this cubes for facials.