Friday, March 20, 2009



  1. Biscuit cones-5

  2. sprouted moong-1 cup

  3. finely chopped mint-1 teaspoon

  4. finely chopped onion-1 table spoon

  5. finely chopped tomato-1 table spoon

  6. black salt-2 pinch

  7. salt-to taste

  8. red chili powder-1/8Th teaspoon

  9. lemon juice-1/4 Th teaspoon


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and fill in the cones

kids can enjoy this kind of serving.

Eating raw food is good for health,but it is difficult for elders to make the kids to eat this kind of food,so we have to think differently to make kids to eat healthy food by trying recipes differently.So i made this recipe in my way.Doctors advice us to maintain healthy diet by having nutritious food such as raw food ,boiled vegetables,fruits,cereals etc., everyday.So i think u like this recipe.