Tuesday, March 24, 2009



panneer also known as cottage cheese, lot of tasty recipes are made with panneer,home made panneer is good for health. i want to share with u, how to make homemade panneer,its very easy to make .


1.milk-3 1/2 litres(2%)

2.lemon-2 to 3


1.take a pan, add the milk and heat,when milk starts boiling add lemon juice,when milk starts curdling put off the stove.now take a muslin cloth

2.pour that milk in this cloth,run tap water on panneer,this helps in loosing lemon smell,

3.and knot the cloth tightly and press firmly to remove excess water.

4.hang that for 1 hour.

5.now remove the panner,u can feel that it is dry.

6. on a tray place this panner and make evenly(flat all over).

7.now put some heavy object on that panneer and live for 4 to 5 hours.

8.then remove the heavy object,you can see hard panneer,

9.cut into small cubes or the size u want and freeze.

10.defrost and use when ever u want.