Friday, August 19, 2016



  1. White bread-1 pack
  2. almonds-20
  3. Pistachios-10
  4. Cardamom or ilaichi powder-2 pods
  5. Condensed milk-2 cans of 14oz each
  6. Saffron strands-2 pinches
  7. Whole milk-1 gallon(approximately4 1/2 litres)
  8. Corn starch-1 tbs

MAKING PANEER(you can also use store bought paneer to save time)
  1. Boil 3 litres of milk,curlde it by adding little vinegar or lemon juice,strain in a muslin cloth and run knot it
  2. Place in running water so that all the lemon flavour goes out
  3. Now place a heavy weight on the paneer muslin cloth that excess water goes and the paneer remains
  1. Boil remaining milk and set a side
  2. in a mixer jar blend almonds blanched,3 bread slices,cardamom pod,condensed milk and blend to fine paste
  3. now boil milk and add the blended paste,if you want more thick you can add diluted corn starch paste(this is optional)
  4. Please check sweet....we added condensed milk  in rabdi and also filling.....if you need more sugar you can add
  5. Mix well and cook until  milk thickens and set a side
  1. Now take this paneer and blend with condensed milk,1 cardamom pod and some saffron strands and blend to fine paste
  2. Remove brown edges from the bread pieces and set a side
  1. Dip bread in milk and immediately take 0ut,now add the filling and stuff like oval balls
  2. Repeat the same process for remaining balls
  1. Take a square bowl and place all the bread stuffed balls
  2. pour the rabdi mix on the bread stuffed balls
  3. Garnish with blended pistachios and saffron and refregirate for an hour
  4. Serve chilled
NOTE:After refrigerating the rabdi thickens more .....make sure while making rabdi it should be pouring consistency