Sunday, December 6, 2015


This is a simple ,tasty and quick making sweet recipe, this recipe makes many pieces so take a small measuring cup

  1. Almonds/Badam-1 cup
  2. Dry figs/Anjeer-6
  3. Dry coconut powder-3 tbs
  4. Sugar-1 cup
  5. Ghee-3 tbs
  6. Poppy seeds/ghus ghus-1 ts
  1. Soak almond and figs for 1 hour in warm water,strain and blend to fine paste add little water to make fine paste
  2. Now heat 1 tbs ghee in a non stick pan add sugar,coconut mix well and stir continuously until the mixture thickens and leaves the edges,now add the remaining ghee and mix
  3. Now apply little ghee to a serving tray spread the dough evenly to a think layer
  4. Sprinkle poppy seeds cut into diamonds and refrigerate for an hour(this helps to make the sweet hard)
  5. Badam anjeer burfey is ready to serve