Thursday, September 17, 2009


  1. Bambino aka semya-1 cup
  2. Sour curd/ curd-1 cup
  3. Rice flour-1/4th kg
  4. Green chili paste-1 table spoon
  5. Finely chopped onion-1/2 cup
  6. Finely chopped cilantro-2 table spoons
  7. Salt-to taste
  8. Cumin seeds-2 teaspoons
  9. Oil
  1. Soak bambino in the curd for 1 hour
  2. Now add all the ingredients except oil ,and add water in this semya mixture
  3. Batter should be of medium consistency ,neither too thick or too thin but of pouring consistency
  4. Heat tawa and grease with oil,pour a ladle full of batter starting form edges and ending in the middle
  5. Apply tea spoon of oil and cover with lid
  6. After few seconds,open the lid and flip the dosa,repeat the same procedure for remaining batches
  7. serve hot with chutney 0r sambar