Friday, April 10, 2009


  1. The loss of nutrients on cooking depends upon temperature duration of cooking and the nutrient.
  2. Ordinary cooking causes little loss of protein fat or carbohydrates in cereals, pulses and meat.
  3. Proteins may be lost if they are cooked in salt water.
  4. don't throw away stalk water as they contain minerals like sodium,potassium and calcium,you can use them for preparing soups,or adding to flour while making dough.Cook the root vegetables with skin and peal before using.
  5. Cutting the vegetables into small pieces and exposing them to air before cooking may result in loss of vitamin C.
  6. So always chop into large pieces,and place them in boiled water,then cook for very short period.
  7. Steaming prevents losses due to leaching.
  8. Avoid repeated washing of rice before cooking,and use less water.
  9. Always cook the vegetables with minimum amount of water ,and cover the vessel with a lid.
  10. Avoid reheating.