Friday, September 21, 2012


Gongura pulihora  simple and quick making rice dish which is a bit of change to regular pulihora.Very often we  make chutneys, dal  recipes with this leaves.Because of its sourness it gives best taste for all recipes you make when used sorrel leaves as main ingredient

  1. Sorrel leaves/gongura
  2. Rice-3 cups
  3. Tamarind paste-1ts
  4. Chopped green chilis-4
  5. Dry chilis chopped-4
  6. Cumin mustard-1/2ts each
  7. Uraddal-1 ts
  8. chenadal-1ts
  9. Peanuts-3tbs
  10. Oil-3 tbs
  11. Mustard powder-1/2 ts
  12. Roasted dhaniya powder-1ts
  13. Methi seeds-1/8th ts
  14. Salt-to taste
  15. curry leaves-6

  1. Wash sorrel leaf drain out excess water and put on a paper towel
  2. Heat a tbs of oil and put this leaves and stir it cooks faster the sign  is the leaves turn darker and becomes like a past consistency .
  3. Remove from fire and allow it to cool
  4. Now blend this paste with little salt roasted dhaniya powder and tamarind paste
  5. Cook rice and separate  into grains
  • Heat oil in a wok add cumin mustard curry leaves hing,methi seeds,hing dals and peanuts and fry till they turn brown
  • add green and dry chilis and cook till done
  • now add required amount say 3  to 4 tbs(or according to your taste) of blended paste and mix to avoid burning
  • Cook for a minute and turn off flame
  • add cooked rice mustard powder salt and mix
  • Serve hot