Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Egg masala kurma is a tasty dish which goes well with biryani and chapathi.People who avoid egg can also replace with brinjal or meal maker.This is very old recipe which my mother learned from a cheff.

  1. Boiled eggs-6
  2. Chopped onions length wise-1/4th cup
  3. Turdal-1 ts
  4. Urad dal-1ts
  5. Chenadal-1 ts
  6. Moon dal-1 ts
  7. Raw rice-1ts
  8. Whole garam masala-1ts
  9. Ginger garlic paste-1 ts
  10. red chili powder-1 ts
  11. Dhaniya powder-1 ts
  12. Dry coconut powder-1 ts
  13. Roasted peanut powder- 3 tbs
  14. Roasted sesame seed powder-3 tbs
  15. Coriander leaves-3 tbs
  16. Tamarind paste-1tbs
  17. Salt-to taste
  18. Oil-2 tbs
  • Boil eggs remove shells and put scars with knife and set a side
  • Heat 1 ts oil add onions till golden brown and cool
  • Roast dals and rice garam masala(3 cloves, 1" cinnamon,1 cardamom,1/2 ts shahi jeera,1/2 ts -poppy seeds)  then make powder in a blender
  • Mix all powders,dal and garam masala powder and blend with remaining ingredients to fine paste by adding little water except eggs
  1. Heat oil in a pan and add the eggs and fry well be careful while frying
  2. Now add the masala paste some water and cook till oil separates
  3. Stir in middle to avoid burning of the gravy

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