Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Mondays lunch menu
  • Plantain fry/aratikaya podi kura
  • Ivyguard tomato curry/dondakaya tomato curry
  • Besan ki kadi/buttermilk chikpea flour gravy seasoned with ghee
  • Rice and pappadams
1.PLANTAIN FRY/ARATIKAYA VEPUDU- spiced dry plantain curry
preparation time-20 minutes
  1. Medium size plantain or aratikaya-2
  2. Red chili powder-2ts
  3. Dry coconut powder-3ts
  4. Roasted peanut powder/palli podi-2 ts
  5. salt
  6. Garlic pod-1
  7. Oil-3 tbs
  8. Cumin mustard-1ts

  • Remove skin of plantain and chop into small cubes
  • Cook plantain with turmeric and little water cool strain water and set a side
  • Blend all powders and garlic pod until they are mixed evenly
  1. Heat oil in a pan add plantain pieces and fry for few minutes until they turn crisp
  2. now add the blended powder salt and mix cook for 5 minutes and serve
2]IVY GUARD TOMATO CURRY-preparation time-20 minutes
  1. DOndakaya/ivy guard chopped length wise-1 cup
  2. Chopped tomato medium-1
  3. Chopped onion medium-1/2
  4. Red chili powder-2ts
  5. Salt-to taste
  6. Curry powder-2 ts
  7. Dry coconut powder-1ts
  8. Oil-3 tbs
  9. Cumin mustard-1 ts
  10. Curry leaves-4
  11. Turmeric-1/8th spoon
  12. Coriander leaves-3 ts
  • pressure cook ivy guard pieces till done ,drain excess water and set a side
  • Fry the pieces in 1 tbs of oil until crisp and set a side
  1. Heat oil in a pan and make seasoning add onion  ginger garlic paste and fry for 5 minutes
  2. add tomatoes cook till soft
  3. Add powders salt and ivy guard pieces
  4. Fry for 5 more minutes
  5. Add coriander leaves and serve
BESAN KI KADI-chickpea flour butter milk gravy
preparation time -10 minutes
  1. buttermilk-1 cup
  2. Besan /chik peaflour-2 ts
  3. Ginger garlic paste-1ts
  4. Turmeric-1/8th spoon
  5. Salt
  6. Green chilis very tender Indian variety-6 to 8
  7. Desi ghee-2ts
  8. cumin mustard-1ts
  9. Coriander leaves
  10. curry leaves-4
  • In a bowl mix  flour,ginger paste,water to fine paste
  • make a scars on chilis and set a side
  1. Heat ghee in a wok add seasoning immediately add butter milk mixture, chilis,coriander leaves
  2. Cook on medium flame stir in the middle
  3. boil till chilis gets completely cooked
  4. this is very tasty when serve hot with steamed rice