Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello Friends today i want to discuss briefly about nutrition, and its importance and fatty food and its harm ness: in day to day life activities,nutrition plays a prominent role ,the basic idea of posting this issue is we all should know some points regarding nutrition.As a homemaker we all got responsibility to keep watch on our family members about their health.
Not only the cooking method,but we should also know nutritive values of food,their energy levels in the food and their nutritive content,Today the burning problem is "OBESITY" i.e., excess body gain weight,we should think about this.Not only the Elders,but even the kids are facing this problem.Main reason for this problem is eating excess unknowingly, and loss of control on the weight on body,
so in order to get rid of this problem is to think wise before cooking, about"what the ingredients we are adding" and"think whether we get any benefit for the body if we add this condiment".

One of the main reason for gaining weight is eating fast food which includes high calorie food,fat food(saturated fat,trans fat)3o% of calories in the basic healthy diet are fat,only 10% of this is saturated fat.
Saturated fat predominates in fat on meat,poultry eggs,milk,cheese,yogurt,butter,and drippings

Is also found in many vegetable oils,soft margarine's,fatty fish,nuts and seeds,whole grain cereals and some vegetables and legumes.
"As u eat less saturated fat,the proportion of this in your diet automatically increases,this is good and medically helpful" etc.,So we always should avoid eating food which contains saturated fat

Advice for reducing day to day consumption of fat in your routine
  1. Avoid buying high fat foods
  2. Prepare food wisely
  3. Minimise your fat intake as u eat
  4. Check Ur vitamins
  5. Be a creative cook
  6. Eat healthy food,stop taking dietary supplements